Powerful Collaboration and Groundbreaking Certification Programs Aim to Create More Equitable and Inclusive Organizations and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

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Eship Center announces Collaboration with Opportunity Hub (OHUB) and 100 Black Angels and Allies Fund; Creation of Two Certification Programs: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Solutions (DEIS) Certificate and Black Technology Ecosystem Investment Certificate for Black and Ally Investors

Chapel Hill, N.C. (February 17, 2021) – UNC Kenan-Flagler’s Entrepreneurship (Eship) Center, an affiliated center of the Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise, today announced a groundbreaking collaboration with Opportunity Hub (OHUB) and 100 Black Angels and Allies. These powerhouse organizations have joined forces to launch two six-month immersive certification programs dedicated to creating more equitable and inclusive workspaces and building a more equitable ecosystem for aspiring Black and ally investors. The programs will be delivered through The Eship Center’s Scale School.  Each program kicks off with an introductory webinar in June, with monthly classes running from August 2021 through January 2022. 

Black Technology Ecosystem Investment Certificate 

This program will provide in-depth training on the tactics, nuances and strategies needed to become a knowledgeable investor in high growth technology startups and venture funds. It is uniquely designed for aspiring Black and ally investors that want to specifically invest in Black technology, startup and venture fund ecosystem deal flow. Covering topics such as SEC regulations, investment thesis, risk assessment, legal considerations and venture fund investing, this comprehensive program provides hands-on learning into what it takes to become an investor in early-stage companies and venture funds, particularly companies with Black founders and fund managers. Participants will learn from nationally known subject matter experts, including fast growing founders that have raised millions in venture capital and fund managers that are deploying capital strategically in the ecosystem; and gain first-hand experience with what it takes to confidently invest in a way that advances racial equity and new wealth creation.

“We believe this program is truly groundbreaking,” said Gibbs. “We are excited to work with Rodney to create something that will have long-range impacts, by unlocking capital flow to and from Black investors and founders, which contributes to addressing the wealth gap, and provides more funding for Black and other underfunded founders.” 

“While the first course addresses intersectional racial equity inside of an organization, this course addresses another way to create equity and inclusion in the ecosystem which is through investment,” elaborated Sampson. “With the recent modernization of SEC rules on who can become an accredited angel investor, I see an incredible opportunity to create a new class of investors in the Black community.” 

Learn more about the Black Technology Ecosystem Investment Certificate here

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